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اســـطوره آفرينش

Naghsh-e Iran
نقش ايران در آيينهای توحيدی

Jahan Pas Az Marg
جهان پس از مرگ

قوانين و فرائــض

Seyri Dar Taarikh
ســيری در تاريخ مذاهب

Maz-hab-e Farda
مـــذهب فــــردا

Velayat-e Faghih
ولايت فـــقيه

Payaan-e Sokhan
پایـــــان ســـخن

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Comment 1 & 2

Comment 3

Comment Hello, my dear Dr. Shafa;

I like you very much. Icongratulate you big professor for the birth of your new site.

Kourosh - professor of chemistry - Islamic Azad University - Tehran - Iran.

Comment Dear Dr. Shafa,

I would like to send you my respect and best wishes. I know my late
husband, Abdol Hossein, would have cherished reading your work as all
Iranians, and especially the young, should.

I hope this extremely powerful book will be translated into major languages and will become a major reference for students and academicians all over the world.It would be a great pity if our Iranian compatriots would not heed your advice to recapture their true heritage and aspire to move forwards, to join the forces leading civilization towards a united world.

Respectfully,Shahla Samii
(New York)

Comment You are wonderful. You are a real Persian/Human.I love you.Long life Persian.

Stand up... And save the Good Old Persia from Islam

Comment 4

Comment Ba dorood,

I am so glad that you have now put your book on the net. There is certainly a lot of discussions about it on the cyber forum(s).

Wishing you as always the best of success. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

An extremely interesting and informative book by Dr. Shafa.

Ba ehteram,Ramin Farhangi

The following is a typical critic that "Unknown Person" with pen name of "Mani Irani" posted into his website/weblog on April 25th 2005 (5 Ordibehesht 1384).
The answer and the entire critic posted here for the review of the readers.Please Click here

نچه درپيوست می خوانيد اعتراض گونه ای است که شخصی با نام جعلی «مانی ايرانی» درتاريخ 25 آوريل 2005 (5 ارديبهشت 1384) وبلاگ خود گذاشته است. پاسخ و تمام متن اعتراض در اينجا آمده است. به اينجا کليک کنيد..


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